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How I Improved My Skin: Diet and Beautycounter

How I Improved My Skin: Diet and Beautycounter

As a teenager, I had pretty perfect skin. I never really had blemishes, and my skincare routine consisted of Dove soap and Vaseline lotion. But then I went to college and it was like my skin completely changed. I had an issue with acne for the first time, so I began using ProActive, which helped for years, but once I reached my mid-twenties, my skin changed again and it stopped working. My blemishes occurred around my jawline and seemed tied to stress and hormones. I tried anything and everything to manage it.

I spent the next few years reading beauty blogs for advice, and I have tried MANY different products, including products from Bare Minerals, Mario Badescu, Murad, First Aid Beauty, all-natural Glo products from an esthetician—all came highly recommended and were VERY expensive, and none of them worked—in fact, most made the situation worse. I tried getting routine facials, and that did absolutely nothing (and again, incredibly expensive).

Then I made a couple changes that slowly started getting my skin on track. The first change was my diet. I have mentioned before that last January I started the Fitness Carli meal plan and haven’t really looked back—well, my skin showed some improvement when I made those dietary changes, which makes a lot of sense. Once you get into her plan, you realize that it has little refined sugar and tons of leafy green veggies. Those two things alone can make a huge difference in your skin. Before her plan I used to eat a cup of yogurt every morning for breakfast—have you ever looked at how much sugar is in a cup of yogurt? Mine had 14 grams of sugar. You really aren’t supposed to have more than 25 grams in a day, and I was already consuming 14 grams just in my breakfast. Once I started cutting junk from my diet, I started to see some change happening in the frequency of breakouts.


Then in June I decided I would try one more skincare brand: Beautycounter. There has been quite a bit of buzz around this clean beauty brand, and I was curious if it could potentially work for me. After I saw that I could return any product that I didn’t like and just be out the shipping cost, I decided to go for it. I purchased the Nourishing Cream Cleanser, Nourishing Day Cream, and Nourishing Night Cream. After using those three products for a week, I could already tell my skin was starting to settle down and balance out. I hardly ever have breakouts now, and if I feel one begin to come on, it seems to resolve itself in a day or two without really becoming anything.


Since then I have also added the Overnight Resurfacing Peel and the No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil to my routine in hopes of fading some of my acne scarring, which I can tell is helping. Micah has even made comments lately on how much better my skin is looking (which is huge that he has noticed).

In addition to their skincare, I have started switching over to their makeup slowly but surely. I don’t use foundation in the summer, but in the winter it seems a little more necessary as my tan fades. The past two months I have used Beautycounter’s Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation in the color Linen, and I really like it. It hasn’t caused any breakouts, and it’s so light when you put it on. If you’re someone who just wants a bit of coverage (nothing too thick or cakey), this is a great option. I also really like their Sheer Lipstick because it feels more hydrating like a lip balm. The colors Petal and Poppy are my two favorites right now.

While it is a plus that Beautycounter is a clean beauty brand, that isn’t why I use these products. I use them because they have worked better for me than anything else I have tried (and believe me, I have wasted so much money trying a ton of things that didn’t work). It is a bit serendipitous because I was already planning this post when my friend Katie from Life With a Dash of Whimsy encouraged me to become a consultant for Beautycounter. So basically all that means is if you shop Beautycounter through these links or if you select me as your consultant at checkout, I will receive a small commission. That’s it. I won’t be recruiting people or throwing product parties—I will simply keep trying their products and sharing the ones I truly love with you here from time to time. And if you choose to try these products, I appreciate your support.


So I’m curious: Are any of you currently using Beautycounter, and if so, which products do you like?

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Cute Clothes, Awkward Pose 12.5.18

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