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Cute Clothes, Awkward Pose

Cute Clothes, Awkward Pose

I really like clothes. I like searching for outfit inspiration, browsing stores, and playing around with what’s in my closet. I’m often asked what I’m wearing, so I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite outfits from the week. I set up my camera on my tripod and figured it couldn’t be that hard to pose pretty for the camera.

I was wrong.

I took probably 50 photos of the first outfit, and each time I tried to make the pose look more natural, it became more and more awkward. But as I flipped through the images, I realized the most awkward were hilarious. So that’s the only way I’m going to be able to do something like this: share my best outfits but in a ridiculous way. I hope this gives you some inspiration and a good laugh all at the same time.

Welcome to the first edition of Cute Clothes, Awkward Pose!


What am I laughing at, my potted mum?

In other news, I really like this new mock neck sweater from Loft. I ordered it in both the camel and the mint blue color when Loft was running a 50% off sale. Here is the secret to Loft: they CONSTANTLY have sales. If you find something you like, wait a week or two and I guarantee it will be 40%-50% off.

Also, these Clark’s Chelsea boots are a favorite from last year. I had to invest in a pair of these when I noticed all chic French women were wearing this style during our trip to Paris. These boots are so comfortable and classic.

Classic and stylish winter and fall outfit
Micah popped his head around the corner and asked what I was doing. I got nervous: “Nothing is happening here! Everything is perfectly normal!”

Micah popped his head around the corner and asked what I was doing. I got nervous: “Nothing is happening here! Everything is perfectly normal!”

This top is another new find from Loft’s Lou and Grey line that is perfect for the weekend, or you could dress it up with black jeans and heeled booties. Super soft and I love this color maroon for fall and winter.

These Gap jeans are the only ones I will wear because I don’t have to put on a belt and they don’t lose their shape (no more saggy knees!).

These Adidas are my favorite “dress up” sneakers right now. The all white is classic and they have a memory foam sole! Super comfortable.

Stylish and classic Casual Friday outfit

Wearing my favorite Gap jeans again and a classic black t-shirt.

This windowpane jacket was a Labor Day sale find from Ann Taylor, and the cut couldn’t be more flattering. I also love wearing it with black slacks for work.

These Sam Edelman mules are from last fall, and they are still my favorite shoe when it cools down. It’s like the fall version of a sandal.

I hope you enjoyed this ridiculousness as much I enjoyed making it. Let me know if you would like to see more of these posts in the comments!

Cute Clothes, Awkward Pose 11.18.18

Cute Clothes, Awkward Pose 11.18.18

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